5 MORE things you can do to bring more people into YOUR Business


People haven’t JUST been asking me “How do you keep getting NEW people into your business!?” This is something that for any internet marketer is more than just a question.. Because most of the time, once the answer is found and the smoke clears, everything makes sense and you wish you hadn’t complicated the process like you were before. I have no problem answering this for most people. Over the very long 3 years that I have been marketing (2 spent on the internet ), leading a team and coaching. I’ve learned the basic fundamentals that are easy to repeat and share when someone is looking not just join my business, but seek out mentor-ship as well. I’ll share with you 5 MORE things you can do to bring more people into YOUR Business!

Just like hitting your diet, gym, weight, or dream goals, you must be sure that you are absolutely devoted to making your business that way as well. If not, then why are you really into it? Is it just a game or fad? Maybe your not really sure whats going on and not serious? Well, I’ll tell you, if your not committed to your business growing. You’re doing things wrong and are the reason things aren’t working.

Raise your right hand, If you’ve started a business and tried things out for 2-3 months. Got a little angry? Then just quit. I did in the beginning as well. I’m not perfect, but I had to do it first before I learned my mistake and became the brand and mentor I am today bringing people into MY business daily. Want the first tip on the house.. DON’T QUIT.

SO as long as you still here I fill you in on 5 MORE things you can do to bring more people into YOUR Business, OK!


1. Schedule your Wealth Making Activities Everyday(No Matter What!)

Make more moneyThis is the thing through what every income stream you have have aligned yourself with and DO what you have been taught, I like money. And it isnt just going to flow by joining the new up and coming company, and then sitting around waiting for the email to pour in saying you have a new follower or commission. It just won’t happen. Things like:

– Facebook chatting, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr… Posting in all of these, and not always blasting AD

– Writing blog posts, with calls to actions

– Talking with you mentor or up-line

– Sending out emails to your list

– Sharing result from whatever team your plugged into, to assist you until you have your own to share

– Commenting on other peoples things, people are incredibly nosey. If you comment the chance of them thinking of you and taking a look at what your up to is HUGE.

If you don’t take the action, don’t expect the results. Write out what you need to do before you decide to multi-task through the internet.


2. Understand that everyone you network with IS a client

Even though you’re going to be meeting new people at an alarming rate, you need to realize just because you’ve started a relationship with them doesn’t mean they aren’t always going to jump in as soon as you show them the opportunity, this is HUGELY frustrating in the beginning and you need to realize that the relationship comes first. Until they’ve had a chance to creep your blog, facebook, twitter, or other social media and do their “research” on you. They will be hesitant. SO, keep chatting it up, telling about your day and then finish with a follow-up. Do that relationship building and prospecting, and it’ll show your in this to HELP them rather than make a quick buck.

Make them feel valued and see what your offering and they will be coming to your door for the opportunity to work with YOU.


3. Clarify what your doing

Always share with people what you can do for them, rather than sell. I as a mentor, show people the Results, the Value, and the Lifestyle that can be achieved if they work with me. It doesn’t matter what your doing. If you seem desperate or never share and just blast out post of ADs in cap locks..

You will be ignored, you niche doesn’t want to be sold off the bat. They want to know what you can do for them to be successful and not just exit the room as soon as they join the opportunity. You should be super clear on your niche, who you look to align yourself with and show them you are the one to lead them to their near future endeavors. And remember, when you help them be successful in one, they will FOLLOW to the next.


4. Lead by example

Facebook is where I make almost all of my new relationships. You can find anyone in any kind of niche. Focus on them and meet their groups, like, and desires. And its all shown to you on there profile. Its the same for them. When you starting talking to new people, anywhere, they will cruise everything on your wall, your like, your groups, and your style. If they see negative or STRANGE stuff. Chance are they will move on and forget about you.

But if you have things like: sharing the success of another, or inspirational videos of yourself and what you do, result pictures or excited post of what your going to do for others

It will scream volumes about who you are. And at the end of the day, you are a leader in your business, teaching your team to be successful. In the end, it will always benefit you greatly.

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 Stories Sell, Facts Tell!


5.Self Progression

Without learning new things, you will not prosper! SO to counteract that, make daily habit to read, listen or watch some training/inspiration every day for atleast 15 mins.

Books, YouTube, Facebook, hit the gym or TV. But just do it. Expand your personal knowledge so you have something new to offer with others around you. Who knows, it’ll probably come in handy at some point or you’ll be able to help someone on the spot with their own problems. It’ll keep you quick and thinking. As well keep you buzzing with ideas for you business and new things or angles to try.

OH YEAH! Also, please, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF. You can’t help anyone if you are in need of serious help first. That means get active if your not. If you need medical help, just ask and go get it. Share what you need from other and see what kind of response you get! Always self improve daily and thing will improve. That’s really the point and really how easy it is. JUST ASK!


There you go, 5 MORE things you can do to bring more people into YOUR Business. I hope it helps. You deserve it!

OK, I’m tired, I wanna hear your thoughts on all this! If you liked my blogpost and wanna work a little more closely with me so I can show you what I can do to HELP you become successful in your business then msg, comment, or add me to FACEBOOK. Love ya’ll

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