June 17, 2015

Great Business Ideas?

big-business-ideasbig-business-ideasI can have 100 Great Business Ideas per minute. I surround myself with people who have them every second and share them with me. I know a guy who has them during his daily REM cycle. But guess what? He is not a Entrepreneur. He’s actually an Electrician in Oil sands of Alberta. Which is nothing bad at all. But, does not have the know-how to act upon the Great Business Ideas, he has on a day-to-day basis.

All those Great Business Ideas, without action, in the real or online world are worth nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada.  By initiation on that idea, it will turn them into Great Business Ideas. It’s just like those late night infomercials, someone had some Great Business Ideas. Thought “Yeah, I’m going to make that a reality”, got the patent, and then found a way to mass produce. Mission accomplished, let the 3 payments of 19.95$ roll in month from thousands of people for that simple idea! It is that easy.

Focus on your immediate resources around you, maybe people you’ve connected with that may have shown you results or done something similar. They probably didn’t show you it because it was a scam or wanted to rub their Great Business Ideas success in you face. Think that things can change, find what you wan to do and act on it! Brilliance also doesn’t grow by itself. You’ll have to try a few time to get something right: Starting a business, online business, learning products, physical products, nutritional products, or fashion products. If you don’t do the necessary thing to learn on how to make things happen, they never will.

Don’t believe me?? Here is 10 Great Business Ideas that have rocked this world!

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Great Business Ideas


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