May 16, 2015

Declarations and Affirmations. Change your self and thinking


The difference between a declaration and an affirmation is
slight, but in my mind, powerful. The definition of an
affirmation is “a positive statement asserting that a goal you
wish to achieve is already happening.” The definition of a
declaration is “to state an official intention to undertake a
particular course of action or adopt a particular status.”
An affirmation states that a goal is already happening. I’m
not crazy about this because, often when we affirm something
that is not yet real, the little voice in our head usually responds
with “This isn’t true, this is BS.”
On the other hand, a declaration is not saying something is
true, it’s stating that we have an intention of doing or being
something. This is a position the little voice can buy, because
we’re not stating it’s true right now, but again, it’s an intention
for us in the future.

Snippet from T. HArv Eker’s “The Millionaire Mind”


Starting to believe in something is one of the very first steps that, almost all people fail to do when the begin to try to change their lives. They come in with skepticism, ridicule, and spite. Minds trained to a certain outlook because that what their personal “blueprint” has been trained to.

Even myself when I first decided that I would try to break out and change my life. Right there, “trying” was my first mistake and not believing that I could make it. Even with all the success I had seen, all the people around me that I had surrounded myself with, I still had that mentality that there was always a pretty good chance that I was going to fail. At the time, yeah I enjoyed my efforts but because of my outlook and how my mentality was. Having thoughts like:

 “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “If you don’t finish school, you’ll never be a success” “What do you think I am made of? Money? Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “That’s just a pyramid scheme.” “Scams, all of it.”

I’ve been fortunate to live in Alberta, Canada. Even after dropping out in Grade 10 due to the fact that I was removed from my home at 15. Lived on the streets and the kindness of other people’s pity , letting me sleep on their couches. I was able to get into the trades by the time I was 18. I worked hard jobs, labor jobs, trade jobs, and railway jobs. Well, even then, at 18 I made more money than all my friends that went to high school, college and university. Now, some of them sure surpassed me, but there will always be a “cap” on their income and they will probably be stuck there forever, and just accept it.

That’s not how I want things for myself. I know what I want! I’ve been in the “marketing” industry for 3 years now, making me 28 now. I suffered, grinded, spent over 20k, and quit many times. I was holding myself back with my views and the non-beliefs that I had due to my mindset and previous experience. I was shown the training, what to do, how to change my mindset. I thought building relationships were stupid, I thought cash was key, and had an attitude like “Lets see..” or “FUCK THAT!”. Even with those tools, I always thought that if I just threw enough money at something that it had to work, rather than me putting in the time and doing the exercises that not only build your business. But change the way you think as well. That has happened this year, and like a switch. I started seeing results.

I now see where I had failed. I needed to change my thoughts and negativity around. I’ve seen where I faltered, and changed things . I started the reading. Doing the Declarations and Affirmations. Watching the inspirational videos and quotes, taking it all in and repeating it.

That’s your key, take these words and give it a shot. Repeat the things your told to. Read those books that you are recommended. Do the work the training and videos your told to do. Don’t expect shit to just happen by itself because you put in a monetary investment.. The attempt is a start, and commitment is the finish. That’s when you’ll see the fruits of your resolve.

Just do it! Nike pun intended. At the end of the day I know it looks silly and stupid. But I’d rather look silly and stupid doing the things that make me rich rather than be cool and broke.


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JC Bince


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