May 27, 2015

Stop asking “What’s next?” and following the plan

following the plan

Following the plan can be a lot harder than its supposed to be, always looking for easy way out seem to be the go to plan when starting an online business. I was guilty of it when I started in the industry. And it made me suffer, get frustrated, and angry. Always asking my up-line “What’s Next? There has to be more!”

Instead of following the plan. I chose to do what I thought should be done, skipped video, and surfed Facebook all day searching for the “easier” route. All ended poorly, with my time spent poorly. Ultimately, my experience was not a nice one.

I made this video about following the plan, because some people just need the wake up. They need to realize that if they aren’t receiving great result in their business, they are skipping steps. This is a BUSINESS. It does take time. It does take effort. And no one will do the work for you. I would love to see YOU succeed, but if you won’t do the work. Don’t expect the results.

This is one of the starts of my videos that I will be doing a lot of.

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following the plan

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following the plan

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