May 12, 2015

How to boost views and clicks to your blog using StumbleUpon

They there guys! JC here, to do another info blog to help those get some more free traffic to their blog and potentially boost their numbers, views, and clicks. I saw this on another teammates of mine blog and she has been just blowing thing through the roof on my team. She is quickly becoming a mentor in her own way by following the simple steps that she has been shown, and capitalizing on the information.


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SO today, I will be showing you exactly how to get more views to your blog post using 1, not so new type of social media called

This is StumbleUpon, and I bet your asking ” What the hell is this, JC?”. Well I’ll let them answer that with their own little video. I already know what you’re saying already -“MAKE THE PICTURES MOVE ALREADY, JC!”

SO thanks for your patience. I hope that explained that little part of it.

So what need to happen is that you need to sign up of course for StumbleUpon here

After that, the login page will look similar to this

Stumbleupon login


Great! So your logged in, they will make you pick some interests to “StumbleUpon” and this will generally decide the type of pages you will be viewing from here on in.

How to get more views to your blog pages

ONCE your logged in and have the webpage up everything should look very similar to this but the site will be completely randomized

Stumbleupon login1


You want to head your cursor of to the little picture in the far right corner that should be you profile picture , when the bar drops down click the “Add a Page” Button

Stumbleupon login3



Is it the money-maker right here the whole thing that gets people to your page so that they to can “StumbleUpon” it as well so fill this out and make sure you fill everything out. Even the tags and description as it will increase the number of people who will see your posts.

Stumbleupon login4


Now if you you don’t believe me you need to watch you stats on you blog and lets say you don’t do anything that day and just let “StumbleUpon” take effect. I saw explosive views on my blog that very day and had a “Most views day” that day and was highly impressed.

Check this out from the day of May 11, 2015 when I got this onto my blog

Stumbleupon login5

It’s all about getting those eyes to that blog, baby. Like this? Let me know and share it please!

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