May 7, 2015

Hey there guys, JC Bince writing to you here from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I wanted to just do a little info post here. It’s mainly directed an internet marketers, sales men/women, seller, buyers, stay at home moms/dads that work from home. Pretty much if you do any work from home chances are that you’re in a few Facebook groups and receive a lot of spam not just in you mailbox, but random people posting things to your wall, jamming it up.

Think about what that is doing to YOUR posts. All the posts you do for your own business are being pushed right down the page and anyone that comes in to check you out will see the spam and just hit the back and never look back.

This is not what you want! You want those potential clients to take a look-see at what you have to offer and message you, and in the end purchase something from you.

So follow these steps and I’ll show you step by step on how to stop people from spamming your Facebook wall:

1.Open a fresh login FB and login

FB login

2. Walk your mouse pointer over to the down arrow on the very right hand side of you Facebook header bar, click it and go down to the setting button. Like this:

how to stop FB spam2


Then click the “Settings” button:

how to stop FB spam1


After you in the setting go click on “Timeline and Tagging” this is where you will be able to stop people from spamming your Facebook wall:

how to stop FB spam3


Once in “Timeline and Tagging” follow these instructions:

how to stop FB spam4


So follow the arrow instruction I have here: 1. Click edit to change the option ” Who can post on my wall”, 2. Set the option to ” Only me”, and this option is extra but it limits what you can be tagged in without your permission 3. set to on.

So there you go there is a video up top to help you as well. This is a step by step on how to stop people from spamming your Facebook wall. I hope it helps

see the video here:

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