May 13, 2015

I’m pretty sure it time you quit your JOB! a tasteful read..

quit your job

So you sit there, it’ s 5pm and your packing you stuff up ready to go home for the weekend, its Friday. Your done, you’ve taken the abuse, been asked ludicrous things from upper management to do things that is really their own job, you’ve drank 8 coffees, on the edge, your ass hurts from sitting, eye’s are blurring, one eye twitching, and thinking of the box of Kraft Dinner that your excited to pop in the microwave because that’s all the time you’ll have time to cook it after getting through rush hour  traffic and getting home WHEN :

Ooops, yeah I bet that not exactly how it went, but you sure would like to do that someday.. Sooner than later.

Some of you that sit, suffer, and have quite the problem realizing that your job sucks(understatement). Well, here is a little reading and heads up to help your case. There are more professions out there that you can get into, that really can make you happier than were you are now. So quit your job already.


THE SIGNS ( Yeah. I’ll help you out here)

1. Your personal health is suffering? Quit your Job!

No business that causes you stress, health problems, or injuries is worth working for. This is something I have seen constantly working for the railway, oilfield, or the trades. I have seen people stress out so bad that they have heart attacks, yet come back to work days later. Injuries, from being so stressed and pressured to make things happen, they get hurt or die. Or health problems related to their work environment, that becomes permanent from all of the above. Who ever the conglomerate is, or how good it’ll look on a resume.. IT AIN’T WORTH YOUR HEALTH. That shit can be permanent.

2. You know more than your boss? Quit your Job!

Happens constantly, the company promotes the person that really can’t do the work and bitches a lot.  THEY somehow making their way to upper management? Holding the hard worker(you), the knowledgeable worker, now too valuable to promote. (OUCH! Seen it. Hate it.) If you seem to have identified that your boss really doesn’t know how to do their job, it maybe the time to change JOBS. Your probably next to get thrown under the bus when shit hits the fan.

Quit you job

3. Your company is circling the drain? Quit your Job!

The studies shout that most companies go out of business within 10 years.  Small giveaways you haven’t probably noticed : Small expenses need to be approved, Lots of upper management meetings, occasional disappearance of an upper management co-worker, new work not coming in. Yeah, it may be time to double-check yourself and position. Make sure your first in a job when you get laid-off, the experience you have is useful. Instead of working at a job where the work experience is in-house only, and you have to start from the bottom ANYWHERE else.

4. There’s no room for advancement? Quit your Job!

So you’ve been there for years, seen other, younger people move to bigger and better positions. Perhaps, felt the stinging burn of having to had train them to do exactly what you do to find out they are someones nephew and get promoted to management. You’ve realized that even with your hard work and number of years behind you, you’ll never be able to suck enough dick to get to the top, like them. Maybe its time to let’er go!

5. The Mental Breakdown, wait what? More than one? QUIT YOUR JOB!

This should have probably been explained to you by your doctor, wife, husband, boss, best friend, girlfriend, and slampiece. That if you’ve had more than one or more crying, kicking, yelling, smashing, break down fit at work. It’s time to pack the box or locker and just start looking elsewhere. If your inside, look for outside. Had a job, look for an easier career where it doesn’t look like you’ll be packed into the same room for the rest of your life. Thought of travel? Do that and look abroad. Thought about school, yeah it’s probably a good idea. ANYTHING where people around you don’t pull out their cellphone to video tape and YouTube upload the soul crushing experience of your life. #QUITYOUJOB

Quit your Job


Staying in an area where it bring you down and seems to damage your other sections of life are dead head signs that you’re in the wrong place and need to move on. Don’t be that dead beat guy with a stick up the ass, who get off tattling on others with remote hope of promotion.. Nobody wants to be that person.

I hope this made you smile, laugh and realize maybe you situation needs a change. Maybe its time to head out and experience change and have a NEW “money blueprint” (T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”)

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Quit your job

All I did today was write this post and do garden work. You can have that life of travel, of love, and freedom. Make the decision – Get in NOW!


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Quit your job



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