April 27, 2015

iPAS 2 Review Supercharged?


iPAS2 is a Supercharged, Sales funnel, Training business, utilizing money making product to start making money online and makes it complete for newbies or seasoned business owners to flourish. Even if they have struggled in the past.

This can and has changed many live of people in my community and take the stress and saves time in the online industry.

So, what make this better than all of the other businesses out there? What can it do for my life to change my lifestyle? What does it take to get this system for myself?

I will answer this in this post, I am affiliated with this business opportunity  but I’m going to give you the real answer on what this all takes and its venture.

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The iPas2 Supercharged System?

Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, they have integrated it to work with the Empower Network ( utilizing there products as profit maximizers ) and with done for you supercharged funnels, links, and training. It takes your marketing education and business to explode with more exposure. Which will make you successful online.

iPAS2 Supercharged is an online sales system, iPAS2 stands for the “Internet Prospecting Acceleration System”

iPAS2 is the front end of the sales funnel in this business. And Empower Network is the back end. All is connected to maximize your profits. Here is exactly how iPAS2 and Empower Network work together in this system:

You are upfront product selling iPAS2 system level products and as they go further into the system, the Empower Network product will come up in the training as “optional” products to sell for higher profits. They are not mandatory.

When an affiliate refers a prospect to iPAS2 Supercharged system and they buy, you will receive around 50% commissions on all memberships.

There are 3 memberships.

iPAS2 Basic – $47/mo
iPAS2 Pro – $97/mo
iPAS2  6 – Figure – $197 one time fee

On the back end, iPAS2 list the Empower Network products as “Profit Maximizers” they are:

Pro (Empower Network Blog and Inner circle, price $125)
Silver (Top Producer Formula inside the Empower Network, price $625)
Gold (Team Building Formula inside the Empower Network, price $1625)
Black (Mass Influence Formula inside the Empower Network, price $4000)

You will earn upto 70% if you refer people to these particular products/memberships.  If you sell one of the products but you don’t own it yourself then you will miss out on the commission and it will be passed up to your sponsor.


How do iPAS2 make result real?

The iPAS2 system is a Supercharged online sales funnel, you get a huge amount of products to utilize when you enter the system, such as

1. Success Blueprinting

2. Profit Maximizing Funnels

3. Highly Tested Converting Sales Funnels

4. A Personal Business Coach

5. High class training for different varieties of marketing

6. Updates and weekly missions

Using all this it makes it incredibly easy to sit and focus and row a business with alot less questions, stress, and problems of what to do next. Bringing big results and alot less work into your business

All this combined into one system makes it an easy business venture for newbies or veterans alike.

Setting Up Of The iPAS2 Supercharged System!

Easiest to do so far.. How to set this thing up right away, 3 steps right off the bat:


Introduction to the business – Learn how the system works through videos and basic 101 training on internet marketing

The Email LIST setup – Creating you list is important. Stores leads, Emails them, and Follows up with them so you don’t have to.. also you will learn to send out update or converting email to those stubborn leads

Getting your EWALLET – Where your commissions will be paid to so you can take your hard earned money to the bank


After getting those EASY steps accomplished you move to the “Business Setup” tab in your backoffice and complete the next 3 videos:


Calculate you income number You will go through your ideal number that you need to achieve the lifestyle you want, A great way to help you visualize the kind of numbers you need to hit to get the car, home, or vacations your really want to achieve


Accelerate your Success – Learn what to do in order to achieve what you outlined in the first video

Maximize your Profits  Where and what to upgrade your account with to really elevate your sales and commissions



All of the 6 videos I just explained above, are in-depth, simple, I have personally seen them, and did bring me to the understanding of what I need to do in my business and what to expect to get that dream income


Whats the costs with iPas2 Supercharged System?

Your interested now.. I will go through the cost with you step by step right now to clarify!


iPAS2 Basic – $47/mo
This grants basic level into the iPas2 system where you can access the 6 videos stating how to set up your iPas2 business, also includes beginner marketing training.

iPAS2 Pro – $97/mo
Everything listed above but you will also have access to your own business coach that is there by your side to help you whenever you need it, you are also able to earn 50% commissions on the Basic, Pro & Elite package.

iPAS2 Elite – $197 one time fee
This is a training titled “6 Figure Shortcuts” a very good training course that will allow you to accelerate yourself to a 6 figure income in your business.

Now we will talk about the iPAS2 “Profit Maximizers” this is where you really take your income to the next level by purchasing and becoming a member of the Empower Network.


Bronze Package

iPas2 Bronze– $125

In this membership, you will receive access to the Empower Network Blogging Platform and the Inner Circle training course.

Silver Package

iPas2 Silver – $625
In this membership, you will receive access to the Empower Network Top Producer Formula, Inner Circle and Blogging platform.

Gold Package

iPas2 Gold – $1625
In this membership, you will receive access to the Empower Network Team Building Formula, Top Producer Formula, Inner Circle and Blogging Platform.

Black Package

iPas2 Black – $4000
In this membership, you will receive access to the Empower Network Mass Influence Formula, Team Building Formula, Top Producer Formula, Inner Circle and Blogging Platform, also the best training from industry leaders inside the back office.

( I currently am iPAS2 Black member )

Black Ipas member card Black Ipas member card2 JC happy

Earning Potential this System?

Just so you are aware, before the earning potential talk, it is required that you do take a look at the “income disclaimer” that is provide in the iPAS2 system site and back office. Always read this, it will explain that this is something that does require work and effort.

I personally am a part of a community where the leader and newbies are blowing the socks off this disclaimer but none the less it should be read. If you log in daily, talk, chat, learn from the tools that are given to you, and use the strategies provided. You will succeed and there is no doubt in my mind that anyone can come and rock this if they just do what they are told to do and not over complicate the entire process. I believe that in 90 days. it’s very possible to get 10k + /monthly income.

Such as:





The income disclaimer also states:

“They all have the same information, but the difference is, the exceptional choose to use it and the ‘average’ do little to nothing with it. Only you can decide which one you’re going to be.”

Final Thoughts?

I to all, would highly recommend this iPAS2 Supercharged system to anyone who has struggled like me in the past or is just starting out and doesn’t know what to do..

Its hard in this industry to be successful but, and as it was for me, that having perseverance for success is what will take you there. Leveraging this system IS a smart idea and bring a high number of people the things they want in life if they just buckle down and do it..

Whether your a stay at home mom/dad, blogger, marketer, sales man/women, student, worker, or millionaire this systme is designed for you to succeed. USE it!




If you don’t like it then there is a 14 day refund policy, so you really have nothing to lose.

JC Bince


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