My Story


Hey there,

My name is JC Bince. I am 28 years old as of April. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Well known for some of the worst weather

Chances are your hear to learn a little bit about me, my travels, read my blog or how to create an ONLINE income. And I am more than happy to share my life, story and experiences with you , certainly more on helping live a lifestyle like mine (a laptop lifestyle) to show you how you can travel the world or work with me. ANYWAYS, Lets dive into my story..


I grew up in Millwoods, Edmonton, I’m the oldest of 4 kids and ALWAYS been the black sheep. Never did well in school. And when I was 15, I was asked to leave the household at 15 due to an argument. And to both sides of the argument I never went back. This was a very tough time in my life, I was homeless. Had no where to go, and was sleeping on the streets of Edmonton for quite a while, this was a very hard time. Learned a series of things in my life that I’m not proud of to get money and fend for myself, con people, and was very troublesome. I eventually was taken in by 4 different families which got me off the streets for long bits of time and into a stable environment and was proud to be not “homeless” anymore but at times things always did seem to end me back on the streets. I did drop out of school though, and start working in the trades in Edmonton at the age of 15 and didn’t look back.

The Start

As I grew up when I turned the legal age of 18 years old, I did move out and find a place of my own. I had been very well taken care of by other “Moms” and to this day I am ever so grateful to all of them, hopefully one day being able to reconnect with them and provide for them as they did for me when I needed help. They taught me so much that my real parents had failed to do. At the time when I was 18, I was still learning. I got into NAIT( technical college) that got me further in the Trades. Although still very unaware that I had no idea about in life but I continued on with what ever came my way, what was I supposed to do.

The Hardships

When I was 19 years old, I made some very poor life choices and in a fist fight with the wrong people. I was blinded in my left eye, my glasses had broken out of the frame and into my eye. A very traumatic experience for anyone. I again was down and out. My career at the time (welders apprentice) had to be put on hold, because if I lose vision in the other eye, I would have never been able to work for the rest of my life. You can imagine that this happening took me to a really dark place in my life. Depression, anger, blame, insecurity, rage, and sadness all plagued me. Now this may sound nuts, but I do believe that had I had not been kicked out from a good home and had to learn how to make my own path and keep pushing on in my own ways. I would have not have made it this far in life and probably would have succumbed to it all and taken the easy way out (suicide). It never crossed my mind nor will it ever. I just don’t have it in me. I can’t lie. I did get into drug and drinking very heavily at these times and it was very hard to find my way out of it.. But I did!

The EYE story

Now what happened for the next few years was still a GIANT struggle. They did manage to save the eye, but it was still blinded. This may sound like good news but at the time, it was just plain torture. Depth perception, out the window. Playing sport ie. catching a ball, playing soccer, football, lacrosse. I just couldn’t do the things that i used to take for granted with my vision. OH, and also with out corrective eyewear, I am considered legally blind (THANK GOD for contact lenses). As the years went on I still had my own place, had to get a job again because Canadian Disability only forked out 400$ a month. Good thing my rent was 300 living with 5 people. And I was lucky enough to live in canada where healthcare was free(taxes). I was subjected to 6 years, with 6 surgeries over that 6 years, of a doctor trying to do his best to repair my eye. I have had Full Globe Reconstruction, Hot oil Injection, Detached Retina, Punctured Globe, Cataract lens removal + replacement(2), and finally the big finale March 3, 2012… A CORNEAL TRANSPLANT.. Yup, a straight up donor transplant. And, now being 28.I can see out of that eye, but its so blurry that I can really do anything with it. They did there best and I’m sure they will figure this out one day and I will see again..


So during all that chaos and strife I kinda start to pick my stuff up. Realize that at the time of going blind that no one was going to help me and that if I was going to make anything of myself. I was going to have to be the one to make BIG changes to see anything at all. I did have girlfriends, dated for years at a time. They really didn’t help me and I’m not impressed with the people I’ve dated.

After the transplant, thats when I really started to turn things around. I had just quit my job at CN Rail in edmonton, worked for Baker Hughes Canada, and then recieved the call to the hospital for the transplant after only 3 months of working there. I was going to be off work for 8 months. Again, more depressing time of with recover, painkillers, drinking heavily, and complete boredom. This is kind of where my interest were take to selling and marketing.. The first company I got into was ViSalus. I’m sure most have heard of it, but at the time after my transplant. They told me that they had to SEW my eye shut to help it heal better. Now that was some really shit new and I was really upset about it.

My cousin Alyssa had got into affiliate marketing promoting ViSalus’s nutritional shake, knew I was pretty down about life and invited me out. At the time, it all sounded great and being of work on long-term disability, I jumped right in @ the 1500$ promoters package. This is what was my hook for marketing. I  met TONS of cool people, got awesome training, and at the same time I got my health in check and made a full recovery. Did some travelling, and since then I have been into network marketing and focusing on being a mentor and leader to others.

Became SERIOUS about marketing

Since I started in marketing, which right as this moment, has been almost 3 years. And I’ll tell you, years one and two were so hard that I almost threw my hat in the ring at least 30 times. I knew there was ways to get that big money income. I knew it wasn’t a lie. I had been to the big ticket events (Chicago, St.Louis, and Calgary)with separate companies, met hundreds of successful people, had a blast, networked, but still barely made ANY money… I always went back, I knew that quitting just wasn’t an option. Something I had been telling my self since I was 15 and that I just need to keep pushing. I can’t let my self down.


I’m now 28, I’m making an online income. I’m a leader. People ask me what to do. And I am more than happy to make their dreams a reality

This is me now since ALL my struggle and proof that never quit, because you will make it, no matter what!

JC BINCE to date

1. World Traveller (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, U.K., Canary Islands, Morroco, Mexico, U.S.A, Monaco, France, (most recent)Thailand

2. Making 5k a month online. Replaced my job as an apprentice pipefitter to parttime(whever I feel like working)

3. Team Leader showing people how I can help THEM get what they want and getting satisfaction from it

4. Doing things for the people in my past that helped me through all the rough times in my like


All these things can be accomplished by you, I know you have it in you. Your just as strong as I am and can do anything if you put you mind to it. If I can reach my goals so can you. Travel, meet new people, and expand your horizons.. Stop guessing and being so negative. Throw all you chip down and be a success. I want to one day meet you and shake your hand. Share happy days with you as well.


Thanks for reading my STORY. Its took forever to condense and I hope it inspired you to never let yourself quit, NEVER QUIT




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