April 29, 2015

Online business and my weakness.. Staying Focused

So I was sitting down to do the daily PLAN that I have set out to do EVERY day, no matter what. And as I sit, click my “JC’s Startup up” bookmarks tab to start surfing websites on the things I need to do first..

I’ll give you the rundown of a small section of the day. Image 3

First, to Facebook, return messages left from over the work day. Two, emphatically check email for any “surprise” notifications that things are taking off. Three, do your clicks on MAPS (check out maps here) and reinvest your profit as you were taught, get those free click to your Ads.

Ok, I’m still on track at this point and going strong. Four, check the rest of the social media for other messages.. This is where I start to flip around in different tabs, checking to see if I can multi-task to different sites checking messages, while trying to plan what I’m about to blog about, and then try to figure out how to optimize my blog.


Let me admit that I am guilty of the “shiny ball” syndrome and it turns my 2 hours of internet business focus into a 5 hour frenzy.. And when you work a 10-hour work day in the oilfields, it becomes difficult, only getting 5 hours of sleep after eating and bathing.



SO this is me, sitting down, recognizing the problem. If you know me, I’m sure you’ve see my FACEBOOK and you have seen just how focused and successful I have been while maintain my focus on my business. (Thanks, it is impressive! LOL)



1. Do MAPS and reinvest in it.. Build that free marketing.

2. Reply to all of my FB messages. Then one post on the teams HUGE results and another on the value of the DCD Mastermind (ask me what that is)

3.Do my videos, I’ve been challenged to do them for the next 30 days.. One per Day.

4. Utilize the free FB strategy given to me by Mentor : Fraser

5. Do my daily blog post and make sure I use wordpress to help it reach tons of people.


This kind of focus is what it’s gonna take to continue, for me, to be the leader I am to my team and continue getting more and more into my business and get that income soaring higher than ever before..

I bet you’ve thought of getting another income to do the things you’ve always want to do as well, am I right?

Maybe vacation, buy a new car, quit your job and find another country to live in, or spend your time finding the one, maybe just another beer haha.

Well that my plan, and I’m sticking to it. Leave a comment please and ask me if you want to know more.

See you on the other side – OH wait! did you want to make some money too?






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