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AWOL theaterSo this was a time in my life where I had first jumped head first in the internet marketing game. I had met a bunch of guys in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada while I was doing direct sale with a company called Nuskin and Visalus and trying my hand at cold calling, house parties, and badgering friends of family to make sales.

Well, I have to say I didn’t skyrocket in the industry at first. Not like I am now.. BUT I did get to do a great many things that year of 2013.


I went to Thailand, Phuket and even though I consider myself already a world traveler. I got to experience an event that went on that would make me realize that no matter what happened that this all would be worth it in the end.



Check it out.. PLEASE leave some comments and experiences.

If your wondering, in the end things did not work out for me working with this community but I still keep in contact and love these guys for the experience

Have you ever wanted to start your on internet business and work with someone who know what to do and loves to see others succeed?

Project AWOL

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Hey there, I'm JC Bince. I am 28 years old. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have lived here my whole life woking in the Oilfield, until I started taking online marketing for the past 2 years seriously and used it to change my life and replace my income doing it.. I am a mentor to a group of people that I hold dear to me as I have helped almost all of them achieve their dreams and income come to their full potential I am always looking for new student to take there hobby of blogging and surfing of the interweb into a business and watch them thrive in the industry that I struggled in for so long. If learning and success are one of the things you crave and want someone to mentor your success and turn you life around, just send me an email or PM or find me on FB. I would be more than happy to share everything I have to offer with you. What are you waiting for if you want more, but have nothing to change your situation? If you want a easy pealk at the kind of business I run then check out this link for a trial and I'll bring you into my community and make sure you make it to the top. I would not be where I am today without helping others succeed. START today and click the link below:

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