May 6, 2015

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So this is a company called My Advertising Pays or MAPS, they make you money with profit-sharing, 10% lifetime referral sales and its free to get started for 30 days. I will elaborate on this, don’t worry

My team has training(DCD Mastermind), a Facebook support group, and some of the highest ranked people to pull support from in growing. They will help and show you what it takes to make it in THIS business right away and teach you to recruit.. You don’t want to just recruit everyone in this business. It take serious commitment and cash.



I’m sure you would want to see your email piling up like this in your own in box and to realize all that struggle you’ve had so far online was just a mere fact that you were in the wrong company, community, and didn’t have the right leadership.

So I CAN HELP get you results in this business, plug you in to the MAPS training, MAPS FB group, and your get access to other opportunities that I have tried and succeeded at.

Got it? Good, I’ll show you why MAPS is a step above any other business.

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My Advertising Pays or MAPS is a traffic exchange program that while allowing marketers to market their business with advertising, also allows people to buy in to the company with advertising packs or credit packs (shares/traffic) for your business

My Advertising Pays from my own outlook on it has a 5-15% click thru rates sometime jumping to 20%

You have the benefit in MAPS from getting cash from daily company  profit shares, which refreshes every 20 minutes a day. And its easy to qualify for this by only clicking on 10 ads daily. SO Simple! Right?

The My Advertising Pays or MAPS credit packs cost about 49.99 and expire around every 60-100 days or whenever they earn you 60$ back. You can also earn 10% on the credit pack purchase of all of your referrals.

I know it sounds to good to be true right off the bat, and you will make sense of it all soon.

Lets say you buy about 20(1000$) My Advertising Pays credit packs that will make you 10-15$/day(rough .050 cents a day per pack). Which means if you continue to re-invest into My Advertising Pays credit packs, you’ll be able to buy another pack every 4-5 and it creates a growing snow ball effect.. The more packs you have the more money you’ll receive. The more packs you can buy…repeat process to grow you compounding money.

Currently you are allowed 1200 Packs at max were after that you are have to pull what ever made money out and as your credit packs expire you can purchase new My Advertising Pays credit packs to replace those. This is the membership system as of today:

MAPS Memberships level



Wanna Join Now?

This can compound very fast and is very exciting. After learning about this from a trusted friend who had been in for a while and showed me this..

Ankur 1000$ a day

This amount of My Advertising Pays credit packs earns you 1000$ a day.

You can withdraw your money at anytime, no penalty. Charge up with a VISA or credit card. Keep in mind, you can withdraw your money any time you want. If something comes up and you need to cash out…go for it. No penalties.

I ended up running to the bank for a line of credit and getting 5000$(100 My Advertising Pays credit pack) starting out making 60$ a day. Here is an example of what it looks like starting at 100 credit packs, with reinvestment for 400 days!

Maps calc example



Here is a review on the system from a top 15 earner Jeremy, he’s not my up line but he does a good video

This is easy and quick money if you have the cash to invest right away. Simple and free. Completely sustainable and has been around since 2013. Has a 99% retention rate of its clients. AND…

You don’t HAVE to promote it to make money..

Bet your ready for My Advertising Pays now?

Keep it simple till you make your money

1)wake up

2)click 10 ADs a day(there is a vacation mode that cost 5$ a day if you want)

3)re-invest or get paid

Constantly My Advertising Pays money 24/7, anywhere in the world. I know its a lot to take in but just breathe…

Join me in this business, remember its free to start-up first and look around click on the banner:
My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!


Awesome. Welcome to My Advertising Pays and the next step in your life, add me to FB here and let me know what you’re in at so I can get you into the FB group and share you with every one


JC Bince

My advertising pays


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Hey there, I'm JC Bince. I am 28 years old. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have lived here my whole life woking in the Oilfield, until I started taking online marketing for the past 2 years seriously and used it to change my life and replace my income doing it.. I am a mentor to a group of people that I hold dear to me as I have helped almost all of them achieve their dreams and income come to their full potential I am always looking for new student to take there hobby of blogging and surfing of the interweb into a business and watch them thrive in the industry that I struggled in for so long. If learning and success are one of the things you crave and want someone to mentor your success and turn you life around, just send me an email or PM or find me on FB. I would be more than happy to share everything I have to offer with you. What are you waiting for if you want more, but have nothing to change your situation? If you want a easy pealk at the kind of business I run then check out this link for a trial and I'll bring you into my community and make sure you make it to the top. I would not be where I am today without helping others succeed. START today and click the link below:

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