May 29, 2015

Why is blogging important, and how can it be used to make money

Look I’m no blogging guru. I haven’t gone to school for design nor done SEO-based courses to rule the internet . Now, it is important to eventually learn SEO and, of course, expand your knowledge daily. But, as long as you have that in you daily routine you will be fine and become the an SEO guru all by yourself.

The importance of blogging when your selling, marketing, or attracting a following. Is that you need to be aware that if you are trying to do just one of those things, that building a blog is one of the easiest way to attract eyeballs to your site. Ultimately bringing buyers or followers that will potentially click or subscribe to YOU is the main goal that you started blogging.  And all the content that you are putting up(hopefully) should be targeted at a certain type or market of people to bring in all the looky lou’s.  Now, it is key that you are consistent with what you decide to focus your blog on. Because you should always want to bring more people to your blog, but you want them to subscribe or buy and want to come back.


What do they want!

Now, a few tips with your blogging were you can start is making it simple an easy theme that isn’t to flashy and keeps to the blogging format because it is careful to get carried away, but if your starting out. To much, will make you work on it for month. And you want to start blogging right way. Make sure that there is a “Opt-In” form that has some taste and possibly a free giveaway that your target audience may enjoy, so you can capture that email and send broadcast of updates and other buys that may appeal to them in the  future.
Put up the “like” button and share, make sure it’s connected to social media. Because once it posted. Post it to the different stream of social media you have.. Remember, it’ll bring more eyeballs, and more people will come to know you.

Another thing to follow, is that people like to see video and pictures. They want content that they can interact with as well as relate with. One example I have from where I had a great response from readers on how they felt and enjoyed was my blog on “Quitting your job” check it out!


To prove this fact I made this video below to tell you exactly why video and blogging is important to captivate and relate with an audience.
Well I hope you liked that video, I hope this post brought some light into what you should be adding to you own blog to make it shine. Also, if there is something that you would like me to do a post on to help you out, please find me on Facebook here. Add me and I’ll make a post and video for it


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